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A Builder's Son...

“Design and build each home as if you were going to live in it yourself.”

A company philosophy which was the guiding principle of Schwartz & Co. (established in 1963) and passed down from one generation to the next generation of Edgewood Builders (established in 1998) by Leo Schwartz.   


Leo’s father’s company, Schwartz & Company has built over 300 homes in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Leo’s dad wanted Leo to learn the business from the ground up.  Leo started in 1974 as an engineering land surveyor and later moving on to carpenter and then to job superintendent. Leo was directly involved in the building of over 100  homes ranging from Townhomes to large single luxury family homes in Potomac, Maryland.  Leo also served (from 1992-1998) as the Vice President and Production Manager of Mark IV Builders working in renovations and remodeling. During his tenure, Leo created and implemented new systems and procedures which optimized field operations and accounting practices.  


Leo’s experience has made him a great builder but it is his compassion, dedication and love of building that makes him a fantastic builder and teacher.  Leo brings that love of construction to every job and shares his journey of experience with his customers throughout the process.  Leo prides himself on his attention to detail and his high standards of workmanship and in turn has assembled a working nucleus of skilled craftsmen.  Leo successfully built his company, Edgewood Builders, foundation on his dad’s basic philosophy resulting in a high degree of customer satisfaction which to Leo is the ultimate reward!

Leo Schwartz | President


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